Fight off your sleep: be wakeful, 
Work on, keep up your pace, 
Keep vigil like the pilot, 
Like all the stars in space. 

Work on, work on, creator- 
To sleep would be a crime- 
Eternity’s own hostage, 
And prisoner of Time.

-From Russian poet Boris Pasternak’s “Night”


the one thing that has stuck with me every day since my English teacher told me it in middle school is:

"When referring to someone, always say who they are before anything else about them, because being a person always comes first"

Instead of saying “the mentally ill man,” say “the man with a mental illness”

Putting someone’s characteristics (especially negative ones) before them is dehumanizing and rude. Don’t do it.

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Dear government:
It’s mine, not yours!

Dear government:

It’s mine, not yours!

The business of life is the acquisition of memories. In the end that’s all there is

This is too much 

This is too much 

And since I can’t see your eyes I’ll use the moon up in the sky
To melt your heart dear, to sooth your worries and your fears
And so as long as we’re apart we’ll use the waves to send our hearts
Through wind and currents, until you can come home again

—Wild Child